Shawn Hart is a local singer/songwriter and visual artist from Royston, Georgia. His raspy soulful voice and melodic guitar transforms any song into his own. After a break from the local music scene, Shawn has returned to playing solo shows and collaborating with past bandmates. His solo acoustic shows include duets with his wife and special guests, and are packed with a variety of covers along with a few originals. 

Music was always being played in Shawn's home growing up as a child. His dad, Benny, played guitar and banjo. "He could play anything he put his hands on," says Shawn. With help from his dad, Shawn learned to play guitar. As an early teen, he would spend his Saturday nights playing rhythm in his dad's bluegrass band.  Throughout high school and into his 20's, Shawn would play in several local alternative rock acts. In 2010, he joined a new bluegrass band out of Maysville, Georgia named BlueBilly Grit. Within two years, they would gain national attention with a win at the 2012 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band Competition. The very next year, Shawn got to meet one of his favorite songwriters, Jackson Browne and share the Telluride stage with many other major acts. 

These days, Shawn has been enjoying playing solo acoustic, singing, and performing the songs that have influenced him over the years. With plans to record a solo album and the formation of another band in the works life has been busy! In his spare time, Shawn has been dabbling in visual arts. Graphite sketches, colored pencils and linoleum prints are his mediums of choice. Several pieces of his art will be for sale and on display at Strange Duck Brewing in June of 2023.